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The Mission of Signature Claims


To provide for the transmission of medical claims in an electronic format from a medical provider or biller that Signature Claims can then transform into a data format for the insurance companies and then transmitting that data to the insurance companies in a timely manner. 

We also provide for the electronic mail that comes from the insurance companies back to the clients.  This is accomplished with an extreme “ease of operation” on the part of the client.  Because Signature Claims relies on computer workload, this can be accomplished profitably, yet at a low per claim or per monthly charge. 

Signature Claims is also very reactive to a changing market, being able to add additional clients AND payers with speed and ease, thus attracting more customers and keeping costs to a minimum.

The key to Signature Claims is the software and the plans to use that software for sending claims directly to every state in the United States and any additional payer that could be considered a revenue source!


If you have any questions about Signature CLAIMS, please feel free to contact us.


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