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How much does it cost?

Signature CLAIMS has a one time activation of fee of $40 for every plan.

Our standard rate is only 38 cents per accepted electronic claim.

Signature CLAIMS, INCLUDES the communications software!!

We do NOT charge a per-provider fee.

We have NO annual fees.

We have no support fees!

If you decide to use the integrated Signature CLAIMS APOLOS MEDICAL BILLING SOFTWARE then there is an additional 31 cents per accepted claim.


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Why so low?

The entire operation of Signature CLAIMS is based around the computers doing all the work. Certainly, human hands are involved, but by keeping our costs to a minimum we can pass savings onto  you!

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I see a lot of "free" clearinghouses. Why aren't you "free"?

"Free" seems to be a relative term. Recently seen on the Internet was a clearinghouse website that advertised that they were "free"...for only $79 per month. Where is the "free" part?  Signature CLAIMS charges a very low and competitive rate for a quality service and we do so honestly and without gimmicks. 

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Do you use the Internet?

YES! Signature CLAIMS you can enjoy using the Signature CLAIMS communications software with either a dial up modem or use your cable or DSL modem for the internet and sending your claims and receiving your reports safely! The choice is up to you! Dial up or Internet!


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Will my modem work with Signature CLAIMS?

If you use a cable modem or DSL modem, those are intended for the Internet (see above). Signature CLAIMS also uses a NORMAL TELEPHONE LINE MODEM to communicate with the server. If your computer does not have one already built in, an external modem that can be plugged into your serial port or your USB port can be purchased for less than $50 at your local computer store. If you need assistance, please contact Signature CLAIMS.

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What is your integrated Medical Billing software?

Signature CLAIMS has exclusive software that was developed to allowed providers and billers to not only be able to SEND all three claim formats...the CMS HCFA,the UB-04 Professional and the Dental forms, but also allow the user to produce those claims with a medical billing software that will also track patient records and billings as well as produce invoices to be sent to the patients.  

The integrated  APOLOS MEDICAL BILLING SOFTWARE is exclusive to Signature CLAIMS.

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Do I have to sign up with each individual insurance company?

No, Signature CLAIMS will take care of most of the insurance companies for you. However, some insurance companies require a signature from the providers on their forms. In these cases, Signature CLAIMS will provide you with the necessary forms.

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What is the "HIPAA" format and do I have to worry about it?

The HIPAA format is what we at Signature CLAIMS are asked to submit our claims to the various insurance companies in. You would think that this would be a "standard", and that is not correct, as various insurance companies EACH have their own special way of interpreting the data. That is why there IS a Signature that you don't have to worry about the various formats or updates, you just have to give Signature CLAIMS your claim data using the HCFA 1500 form, the UB-4 or Dental Form format.  WE DO THE REST...from converting your data to the proper format, to the transmission of your claims, TWICE A DAY to the insurance companies.

For an in-depth look at all things HIPAA, check out

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Do you drop your claims to paper?

We have various services available to Signature CLAIMS that can allow for paper claims. Currently, we do not take advantage of these services because we feel that the paper claims are best handled right in your own office.  We are not closed to suggestion however and if you have a strong desire for your paper claims to be "dropped" to paper and mailed then please contact Signature CLAIMS and let's discuss it. Dental Claims that do not go electronically ARE dropped to paper and mailed for you.

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What is my "Claims file" and how do I find it?

Your CLAIMS FILE is your claims, in the HCFA 1500, UB-4 or Dental format, that you would normally print on your printer but instead, are "printed" to a FILE on your computer.  This file is in what is called the ASCII format and can be viewed with any viewer on your computer. It will look like your claim form but without all the red lines.

This file is created in YOUR medical billing software. 99% of the medical billing software on the market today allows for this function.

Some newer medical billing software is now outputting in the 4010 and some in the 5010 HIPAA format.Signature CLAIMS DOES accept this new format!

In order to find this file on your computer, you either need to note it when you create the file, or contact your medical billing software company and inquire as to the NAME of the file and the LOCATION of the file.

When you create the file for Signature CLAIMS and submit a test, we ask that you submit a test with as much data as possible. This makes it easier for Signature CLAIMS to "map" your data.  Once your data is mapped, we would ask that you try to NOT change any data locations or formats as that will involve re-mapping your data.

You can also create your claim in the Signature CLAIMS APOLOS MEDICAL BILLING SOFTWARE. This part of the program looks just like a HCFA 1500, UB-4 or Dental form and has some great features to make entering your claim very easy.


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How long does the set up take?

You can be sending in claims TODAY! The commercial carriers will take your claims immediately and the Blue Cross/Blue Shields and government claims only take a few days. With other clearinghouses this could take 6 weeks!!!!

When you sign up with Signature CLAIMS, you will be sent a series of forms. Some of these forms can be faxed back to Signature CLAIMS and some need to be mailed. Any form that requires a signature will HAVE TO BE MAILED. We also ask that all signatures be in BLUE ink.  We MUST have original signatures to send on to those insurance companies that require them.

We also need you to send us a sample test batch of claims, via the Signature CLAIMS software that was sent to you. Please try not to send in less than 10 claims and please try to send us claims with as much filled out as possible as we will use these test claims to "map" your file and the more information available to us, the less we have to guess at certain fields. 

Once we have received your forms and your claims file is "mapped", you are READY TO SEND in your "commercial" claims.  It takes approximately 7 working days to be able to send your government claims.

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What is the "MAIL" and how does that help me?

Mail comes to Signature CLAIMS from most of the insurance companies after they have had a chance to process the claims. This mail normally comes from between 1 and 3 days after claims have been submitted. Once Signature CLAIMS receives a mail batch from the insurance company, the software will separate it out and make it available to the clients.  The next time that you send in claims, your mail will be delivered to your computer, automatically.

This mail is VERY important!!  Not only is it useful in tracking claims, but it can also point out problems in the claims submission.  Because of it's nature and the numbers, Signature CLAIMS cannot track the mail of each individual client so it is up to you and your staff to browse this mail for any inaccuracies.

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What if a claim is just "not paid"?

A claim that does not get some sort of resolution is a failed claim and that is not acceptable to us at Signature CLAIMS. If a claim fails to pay, then contact Signature CLAIMS and let us see if we can help track down any problems. We DO strive for perfection but if something is amiss, we want to know about it as soon as we can so that future claims are ALL paid.

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What does it cost to talk to a human?

In these days of machines it is easy to get lost in a phone tree.  If you want to talk to a real person at Signature CLAIMS, just call between the business hours of 9am to 4pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday and you can talk to a real person for FREE. If we are assisting another customer then you might get a busy signal, but please keep trying.

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What is "Medigap" and how do I use it?

A Medigap plan is a health insurance policy offered by a private entity to persons entitled to Medicare benefits. It is specifically designed to cover some of the "gaps" in Medicare's coverage (deductibles, coinsurance amounts or other limitations imposed by Medicare).

Often, all you need to do is list the Medigap payer in box 9d on your HCFA form. However, you do need to spell it according to our records so you need to have the list that Signature CLAIMS provides, of Medigap payers.

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Can you email me my software?

YES! As long as you can deal with email attachments we are more than happy to email you your Signature CLAIMS software.  When you sign up with Signature CLAIMS you will receive an email with the forms that you need, your personal registration number and a link to the software that you can download from the Internet. You can be using our software TODAY!

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Can you work with my medical billing software?

If your software can output the HCFA data as noted above, then we can process your claims for you. However, we do not directly "talk" to your medical billing software for any sort of confirmation process. Also, we cannot circumvent your software and change your claim data. If you have an issue with your software then you must take it up with your software company.

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What if I don't have medical billing software?

Signature CLAIMS works with many different software packages and we can recommend a few for you to shop around and explore.  You can also use the integrated Signature CLAIMS APOLOS MEDICAL BILLING SOFTWARE built into the communications software. This software does patient accounting as well as allow you to create your claims for sending electronically. 

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What is "NPI" and what do I have to do?

"NPI" stands for "National Provider Identifier" and all providers that are sending claims to government agencies MUST attain this number. Contact your local Medicare office. As to what to do with it, there is a schedule being set by Medicare that allows for the transition from the old or "legacy" number to the new NPI. Medicare will decide WHERE on the HCFA form to put this information but with Signature CLAIMS, we can put that NPI number exactly where Medicare requires it, electronically and YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A THING!

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Can I review my claims before being sent to Signature CLAIMS?

Yes you can view and review your claims before they are sent to Signature CLAIMS. However, if a claim has incorrect information, you should NOT try to correct that information at that level!!  If a claim is not correct, then you must delete the entire batch and resubmit the claim so that the data is correct in your medical billing software.

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How often do you send your claims to the payers?

We are sending our claims into the payers THREE TIMES A DAY

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How often do you get mail from the payers?

The payers process overnight during the week so we get the mail from the payers in the morning and distribute it at the same time. Most payers will not give us mail on the weekends and holidays.

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I like to work late. Can I send in my claims at any time?

Yes, the system is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you wish to talk to a real person, our hours are 9am to 4pm, Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

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I don't like to use my credit card. What are your payment policies?

Although we prefer to use the credit cards, we understand that some people like to write checks. Our policy is that if the last invoice was not paid by the time the current invoice is issued, the system will automatically shut the customer out from being allowed to submit claims until all invoices are current. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but in order to pass on the savings of low overhead Signature CLAIMS simply cannot afford to hold unpaid invoices.  In the case of "flat" fee customers, using a credit card is required.

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How easy it is to learn your software and train my staff?

Signature CLAIMS should be the last of your worries when it comes to your claims processing. The software is designed for ease of use and even though it does some pretty complicated things, it does so automatically. After your Signature CLAIMS software is set up, you need to only enter the software and click on a single button to submit your claims. Can't get much easier than that!

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Are you a billing service?

No, we are a clearing house only. This means that we do not enter the data itself into the computer.  Many of the Signature CLAIMS clients are billing services so if you have a need for a billing service please contact us and let us put you in touch with one of our satisfied customers.

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If I would like to submit to a payer that is not on your list, what is involved?

The list that we use for national commercial companies comes from Emdeon and we regularly update this list. The list is given to you after EACH claim submission so that you have the most up-to-date list on your computer!

If the payer you would like to submit is NOT associated with Emdeon (NEIC) then we can contact that payer directly to see if they will accept claims from Signature CLAIMS. This includes government claims.

It is our goal to add these payers to our list, so please feel free to let us know about them or to let them know about Signature CLAIMS!

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What are remittance reports (advice) and what does it mean to me?

These are reports that come from SOME of the payers that will tell you in advance of the EOB about the payment information. This can be very useful in seeing what is paid and what has been altered in what you expect to see from the payers.

To get the remittance advice you need to sign up ahead of time when you first enroll with Signature CLAIMS. Not all payers provide this service, but if they do then the software that runs on Signature CLAIMS is ready to decode and distribute that information.

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Do you train or hire people to do medical billing at home?

Sorry, we do not train people in medical billing, although we are more than happy to network a provider with one of our customers upon request.

Many of our customers are medical billers that work at home.  This means that they have had to acquire  their own training in medical billing as well as marketing themselves to providers.  We suggest that if you want to get into your own medical billing business that you contact your local community college or Chamber of Commerce for further information. 

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